Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is WSO360?

WSO360 is a free tool for helping Warriors stay up-to-date with the latest WSOs and find WSOs easily.

2) Is WSO360 a WSO's Review Site?

No. WSO360 is not a WSO's review website, and will never be. It's a helper tool for helping people save their time and money in WSO searching. I do not review WSOs that I list at WSO360.

3) Are the links in WSO360 affiliate links?

Yes. The listing's links in WSO360 are affiliate links. I hope in this way, I can keep the site free to use for everyone and keep the site clean from disturbing ads. I'll keep the site free from monthly/ membership fee and ads, forever.

I use the site's revenue for paying a team of programmers and hosting. I hope this monetization does not disturb you. Thank you for your understanding.

4) Do you list every WSO?

Yes. I list every WSO. The good one and the bad one. I do not list only WSOs that I think good.

5) Why the Paypal's name is Yanny Vonita?

Yes, when you checkout and found Yanny Vonita name, there's no error there. WSO360 Paypal's name is Yanny Vonita.

6) What are topics listed in WSO360?

There are 30 topics listed in WSO360 (sorted from A-Z):

1.  Adsense
2.  Affiliate Marketing (sub-category: Amazon, Clickbank, General/ Niche Affiliate Marketing)
3.  Backlinking
4.  CPA
5.  Domain
6.  eCommerce/ Dropshipping
7.  Facebook/ Social Media
8.  Fresh Unique WSO- WSOs that cover a new topic or teach a new method
9.  Graphic/ Template
10. Kindle Publishing
11. List Building
12. Make Money Online- Newbie- Make Money Online with easy to follow methods
13. Mobile, SMS Marketing
14. Motivational, Basic Business
15. Offline Marketing, Local (sub-category: Client/ Lead Generation, Make Money Offline, Offline/ Local Service Business)
16. Outsourcing
17. PLR, MR, RR
18. PPC/ Media Buying
19. Product Creation
20. SEO
21. Software
22. Traffic Getting
23. Video/ Youtube Marketing
24. Webinar/ Coaching
25. Website Cash Machine- Everything about Biz-in-Box website. Just use it and make money
26. Website Flipping
27. WordPress Theme & Plugin
28. WSO Creat it, Sell it, & Promote it- Everything about making money from WSO and Warriorforum
29. WSO Services- WF members that sell their services as WSO
30. Miscellaneous



Feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, feedbacks, or suggestions.

David Su & Alvian Lim